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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 20, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, free and clear. dozens of people quarantined after close contact with ebola victim thomas eric duncan released this morning in dallas, including his fiance. what she's now saying. and the pentagon's new plan to use s.w.a.t. teams to fight the next outrage. breaking news. alleged serial killer caught this morning. is this the end of a decade-long killing spree. i thought his comments were insensitive. >> serena williams speaking out this morning. what the fan said that has the tennis world rallying to her defend. ♪ we'll never be royals lorde's huge hit benched in
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a giant strikeout. how kansas city is fighting back if a royal rumble. >> and we do say good monday morning to everybody. the world series gets under way tomorrow night. games have already begun. you're not going hear this song played on san francisco radio stations. there's a good reason for that. >> lorde was inspired by george brett? >> she wasn't even born in 1985. the big ebola news. an important milestone for the family of thomas eric duncan, and dozens of others now declared ebola free. new evidence of how hard it can
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be for the disease to prspread. and tom llamas has more. >> reporter: that group includes the paramedics who first brought thomas eric duncan to this hospital. it's a milestone, as you mentioned. but there are still 75 hospital workers who wake up every morning hoping to show no symptoms. this morning, a big morning in dallas. the first group of people quarantined and monitored for their close contact with thomas eric duncan, now free and clear. 48 in total. including duncan's relatives and fiance, louise troh. >> there's zero chance they carry the vice. >> reporter: duncan's fiance telling abc news, we're so grateful that none of us has shown any signed of illness. our heart gos out to the two brave women who have been infected by this terrible
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disease as they were trying to help him. am bore vinson, in stable condition, able to communicate with her parents. her family said she contacted the cdc before flying to cleveland to prepare for her wedding. the cdc cleared her for travel. when she learned about nina pham's up next, she is asked if arrangements could be made for her to fly back to dallas as a precaution. but the family says the officials told amber her concerns were unfounded. now a 30-member medical support team of 20 critical care nurses, 5 infectious disease doctors and five protocol trainers all being assembled. now at the national institutes of health, nina pham, the other nurse, is fighting fatigue,
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still in fair condition. >> she's in very good spirits as of last night in my discussion with her. >> reporter: dallas officials releasing these photos of nina's dog, bentley. the center currently caring for him posted the pictures on sunday with his caretaker clad in a biohazard suit. so far, bentley showing no signs of the disease. still, no answer on how pham or vinson were infected. they're asking all health care workers to have no skin showing, including the neck area. >> thank you, tom. good news in the fight against ebola. nigeria has been declared officially free of the disease after six weeks with no new cases. that's huge. let's go to dr. richard besser. >> such big news. >> it is. the fact that duncan's family is now out of isolation after 21 days. a huge milestone as well.
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>> this family has been through so much. they lost a loved one. now they'll be able to dprooef and get on with their life. it's so important for america to see this. these people were with mr. duncan for days while he was sick in the apartment. and days afterwards. early on in the illness, people are not very con tamg use. that should give relief for people on airplanes and other places. >> why the 21 days? >> the w.h.o. has seen that that is the longest time from when somebody is exposed to it to showing symptoms. >> we're worrying about the health care workers. why is that? >> let me show you this. as a person is nearing death, the amount of virus their blood skyrockets. right near death, a small amount of blood can have 10 billion virus particles. we're ten days out from the period he died. it's still the critical window for the health care workers.
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if we get to the end of the week and they're fine, it's a sigh of relief. >> what is your take on this 30-member strike team? >> i just heard from cdc sources this morning. they'll interact with the cdc team on the ground, decide whether a shopt able to care for one of these patients on their on. if not, they'll move them. these nurses, you have 20 nurses, infectious disease doctors will make sure the hospital can do this safetly. >> duncan's family is referring to the nurses fighting for their lives. referring to their bravery. >> they're heroes. >> thank you, rich. the president held a rare saturday night meeting before heading back on the campaign trail on sunday. the president's ebola czar at the white house saturday but not part of the meeting. >> reporter: that's right.
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clain was here but he doesn't start as the ebola czar until later this week. the threat is under control. the president is making combatting the threat his top priority. the president sent a white house represent toif dallas. as you heard dr. besser mention, he's ordered the pentagon to establish this rapid response team. they would go into action if there are further cases diagnosed. >> the president on the campaign trail yesterday. >> reporter: these are his first campaign rallies. in connecticut and -- i mean, maryland and illinois. both for governor's candidates. not a single campaign stop scheduled with the vulnerable democrats in senate races. you're unlikely to see that ginn how unpopular he is especially in those states.
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>> thank you, jon karl. let's go to amy with the other top stories. we begin with breaking news near chicago. an appalling discovery. a suspected serial killer with as many as seven women among his victims in the or not west indiana cities of hammond and gary. abc's alex perez is on the case. tell us what we know so far. >> reporter: good morning, amy. at this point, authorities are working this case. they believe the suspect they have in custody may be responsible for murders dating as far back as the mid '90s. overnight, more female bodies were found in northwest indiana, this, after police say they have man in custody that may be linked to four murders. charges may come as early as many morni this morning. >> it was like a domino effect. >> reporter: the search started when this woman, named africa, was found dead.
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a man led police to six more bodies. aneeth jones is the only body identified. she was reported missing october 8th by her family. >> we'll have to do a timeline back wards to see who the last person was they talked to or were with. then the investigation can really take off. >> reporter: hammond mayor thomas mcdermott called the suspect an admitted serial killer. this suspect is a person of interest. charges could be file ed as soo as today. we'll continue to follow the story. >> thank you. we're hearing for the first time from the woman who may have given the police their biggest break yet in the search for eric frein. the woman said she saw frein friday night while she was
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walking near her home. she chaired the details with our philadelphia station wpvi. >> he had actually turned towards me. and that's where you could see the mud on his face. you could tell what height he was based on the truck he was standing next to. >> he had a gun? >> oh, yeah, you could clearly tell it was a gun. >> rifle? >> a rifle. with a scope attached to it. >> wow, scary moments there. police call her account highly credible. that area is south of the original search zone. a slow-motion disaster near tampa, florida. this 20-on the crane tipped over and came crashing down. watch the operating jumping out just in the nick of time. two cars and an rv were destroyed. the next video is shocking. nobody was seriously injured. this happened in eastern china. this balance ran a red light,
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smashing into a car, which then struck two pedestrians. they suffered a few broken bones. otherwise, amazingly, they are okay. and finally, peyton manning says he's honored and humbled after entering the history books once again. he broke the nfl record for touchdown passes throwing his 509th touchdown last night in a blowout win over the 49ers. his teammates had fun later playing a game of keep away with the ball. which, by the way, the ball is likely headed to the hall of fame. >> all good natured. >> a good sport. >> so funny. >> boys will be boys. thank you, amy. now to a pumpkin festival in new hampshire that turn aed ugly. a riot breaking out over the weekend. bottles thrown, cars overturns.
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cecilia vega has the latest for us. >> reporter: this was supposed to be a peaceful pumpkin festival. instead, a violent clash between crowds and police. authorities aring looing for surveillance footage and cell phone video to find more suspects. >> oh! >> reporter: this morning, the search is on to find the perpetrators responsible for this frantic violence. riots breaking out this weekend at an annual fall festival at keene state college. >> the glass. cut my lip over from here to here. chipped one of my front teeth. i was covered in blood. >> reporter: the university now scouring social media postings trying to track down everyone involved in the overnight anarchy. >> i'm absolutely horrified and outraged at what happened. >> reporter: terrifying students screaming and runs away from flying bottles. police with tear gas.
7:13 am
>> i got hit with a jack daniel's bottle across the face. >> reporter: officers responding to 235 emergency calls. 14 arrests related to the unruly behavior. and 20 people taken to the hospital. >> people are just throwing anything they can get their hands on. >> reporter: one positive note. volunteers showed up to help clean up the mess. police say much of the trouble was fueled by alcohol. robin, the governor is calling what happened out there a disgrace. >> it is. it's been over the years a wonderful tradition. >> thank you, guys. now to serena williams. speaking out against a top tennis official who called serena and her sister venus the williams brothers. reena ninan here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that official is a member of the international olympic committee. he calls the whole thing a joke made on late-night russian television and claims something
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was lost in translation. [ grunting ] she's known on the court for her powerful hits. >> i thought they were in a way bullying. >> reporter: this morning, tennis superstar serena williams breaking her silence off the court, taking aim at the head of the russian tennis federation, tarpashev over comments he made last week. >> i thought they were insensitive. extremely sexist. as well as racist. >> reporter: in an appearance on russian television, he referred to serene ya and her sister venus as the williams brothers. later going on the say it's frightening when you look at them. but really, you just need to play against the ball. the comments igniting a fire storm in the tennis world. the women's tennis association quickly fining tarpishev the tour maximum and banning him for a year. >> i think the wta did great job
7:15 am
of tablging action. >> reporter: fellow superstars rushing to williams' defense, including world up in two, maria sharapova. >> i think they're very disrespectful and uncalled for. i'm glad people stood up, including the wta. >> reporter: tarpischev says it was just a joke and doesn't thing this incident deserves that much fuss. serena is in singapore. the wta wants him to give a formal apology. >> we'll wait and see what he has to say about that. your man's got something. >> thank you for calling him that. at least you understand. we turn to matthew mcconaughey, generating so much buss right now, not for a role in a movie or tv show but for a series of cryptic commercials for lincoln.
7:16 am
rebaek ka jarvis has the story. >> reporter: good morning. they're been called bizarre, surreal, and even strange. the bottom line is that matthew mcconaughey uttering deeply philosophical sweet nothings is sales gold for one car company. it's getting everyone clicking online. >> sometimes you gotta go back to actually move forward. >> reporter: they're the unusual new ads starring matthew mcconaughey that have everyone talking. >> i don't mean going back to reminisce and chase ghosts. >> reporter: he's turning lincoln pitchman. >> i've been driving a lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. >> reporter: behind the wheel of the mkc. >> that's a big bull. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. i can respect that. >> reporter: the ads going viral with over 1.5 million hits on
7:17 am
youtube. >> maybe we should ask him to mooo-ve it along. >> reporter: and being spoofed by comedians. >> if we're in his way, maybe he should use his horn. >> reporter: all that buzz making big business for the recently struggling brand. >> the lincoln brand has been out of sight for so many years. people are talking about lincoln again. >> reporter: a much-needed boost thanks, in part, to an unlikely source. >> you just have to look if the right place. >> i can respect that. this is not the first time a celeb car video went viral. remember will ferrell as ron burgundy. after the commercials ran, sales jumped 59%, guys. >> and those commercials, that music underneath. >> it's like his character in true detective. he's similar. he likes to wax poetic nothings. >> you signound like you're abo
7:18 am
to buy some lynne incolns. >> all right, all right, all right. we saw matthew mcconaughey's latest movie. >> i feel like i have to go forward to go back ward right now and talk about this frost. this morning. can we get that music under my weather? wouldn't that be good? yeah, no, he's good in that movie, too. snow in west virginia. frost this morning, waking us up in parts of new jersey, connecticut, up into parts of maine as well. i hear some sighs. are you unhappy? i'm sorry. frost advisories. you're stepping out the door in the 40s. 39. s saranac lake is sub freezing. your local forecast in 30 seconds. .
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>> reporter: hi, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. nothing son storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning. low 40s in philadelphia, the suburbs in the 30s. sun gives way to clouds as the day goes on, a high of 62. tomorrow, 67 mostly cloudy, a spotty sprinkle or shower is possible. >> you know, i was studying weather way before people paid
7:20 am
me to study weather. >> i thought we were going have the track underneath that. coming up, the latest on the real-life dexter trial. the man charged with killing his wife on the stand. heroes rushing to save this man from a burning house. we'll hear from one of them. how apple is about to revolutionize how you pay for everything. why royals won't be ruling the air waves in san francisco. and how deejays in kansas city are firing back this morning.
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>> gorve broosh be are are are good morning, breaking overnight, fire has damaged 8 apartments partly of the roof collapsed at the apartments on mays landing road. a fire wall stopped the spread,
7:27 am
no injuries reported. good morning, we have matt pellman in for karen. >> reporter: we're happy to see the sun. we are dealing with the delays, 422 approaching 29 oaks to 23 it's a stop and go sort of ride this morning. a crash in ken net square involving a traumatic on the northbound side of route 1, greenwood road. speeds around 7 miles. there was a water main break in richboro, bucks county. closing bustleton pike. stick with holland road. a pole is down saturday of a crash on kings highway. 38 would be a good alternate around that. >> let's go outside to david murphy with the accuweather forecast. good morning. >> reporter: it's a cool start,
7:28 am
tam, take a look at the numbers, millville, 31. 33 in allentown. trenton, 34. reading 36 degrees. this afternoon we improve to 62. tomorrow mostly cloudy, 67 with a slight chance of a sprinkle or shower, mainly dry, tam? >> coming coming up on "g.m.a." what you might decide before you leave are your
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at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes. under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again.
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♪ freeze frame freeze frame freeze frame ♪ okay, this is something new. it's called the doughnut selfie. it's shot with video. there's a trick to it. trending high. we'll tell you how it's done in a little bit. >> i feel like it's too technologically advanced to me. >> i checked in with my selfie expert, elliott, she hadn't heard of it yesterday. >> we need to be like spielberg to do it. any way. >> very hip. an amazing rescue. three men racing into a burning house fire the save man. this morning, we'll hear from one of the heroes for the first time. and is apple about to revolutionize the way you pay for everything? the company is rolling out new
7:31 am
technology this morning. we'll explain. and lorde's hit song getting so much play in kansas city. not in san francisco. the story is trending big. it's not only, not the only royal new this is morning. >> i was wondering where you were going with this. >> from the kansas royals to will and kate. they have big news with baby number two on the way. ? gnat is not baby number two. >> i can vouch. i stood outside st. mary's for two weeks? >> i remember both of you on the watch. remember that, lara? >> i do. never forget it. >> there goes the ambulance. >> march, you and me. >> yeah, done. >> that was then. this is now. we begin with the latest on the utah man accused of killing his wife for a nearly $1 million life insurance payoff. the case is expected to go to the skrurry tomorrow. neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: with his future on the line, conrad truman described the moment of his
7:32 am
wife's death. telling the jury he was inside the house and he heard a pop. >> can you mark with a "c" where you where when owe heard the pop. >> his wife was standing naked in the hallway. there was blood and choking. >> can you describe the cpr? >> there was a lot of choking. gasping for air. i checked for a pulse. i wanted to make sure she was going stay breathing for when i went and grabbed the phone. i attempted cpr. >> reporter: he's accused of murdering his wife in 2012. allegedly shooting heidi in the head after a night of drinking and watching a tv show about a skeerl killer. >> i guess i'll live to see another day. >> oh, no, you're still going to die. >> reporter: he was questioned about the exact episode but testified he didn't remember details. he insists he didn't shoot his
7:33 am
wife. she must have accidentally shot herself or was hit by a bullet fired from outside the house. >> did you shoot your wife? >> no. >> did you kill your wife? >> no. >> reporter: me describes hearing a disturbance outside the house earlier in the evening which he investigated with his dog and his gun. he admitted to prosecutors that he had argued with his wife that night but said it wasn't serious. >> we were back and forth bickering what dog if we were to get a dog, what dog would that be. >> reporter: his credibility on the stand may well determine his fate. closing arguments are set for tomorrow morning. for "good morning america," neal karlins karlinsky, abc news, seattle. more testimony in the retrial of polo mogul john goodman. the jury hearing from the bar tender who served him before the crash. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: a bar tender, a bentley, and a multimillion
7:34 am
dollar polo tycoon, all at the center of this high-profile dui manslaughter trial. this morning, the defense trying to defend the testimony on how much alcohol john goodman was drinking the night he killed scott. >> what was the first thing he did? >> he asked for ten shots of my fist tequila. >> reporter: prosecutors arguing a night of heavy drinking led him to crash his car into 23-year-old wilson's hyundai, plowing it into a canal. >> the initial impression was that it was an 80, 85-mile-an-hour crash. >> reporter: goodman spend more than $250 for 18 drinks for himself and his friends. >> i did not see him drink any other drinks outside the three that i served him. >> reporter: he's been retried.
7:35 am
pleading not guilty. convicted of those same charges in 2012. >> we find the defendant guilty of dui manslaughter. >> reporter: that conviction tossed out for juror misconduct. the bentley and hyundai are missing. >> you didn't notify the defense you were releasing the bentley, did you? >> no, i did not. >> reporter: they blamed the lead investigator allowing both cars to be released. this time around, jurors won't have the ability to examine the bentley and the brakes. >> his car was a crucial piece of evidence in the first case. this is a much better case for the defense this time around. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> our thanks to matt. now to a big day for apple. the company is hoping to revolutionize the way we pay for everything. launching new apple pay this
7:36 am
morning. rebecca jarvis is back with a look at how it works. >> reporter: this morning, the company that revolutionized the way we listen to music and use our phones is betting it can do the same with the way we pa. >> apple pay. >> is this a cash killer? >> i don't want to carry cash. >> reporter: it's one of the most buzzed about features on the new iphone 6 and 6 plus. you can use apple pay to make purchases at over 200,000 stores, including whole foods. we were invited to a final test run. >> take it out of your pocket, using touch i.d., bring it to the terminal. that's it. >> reporter: purchasing power at your fingertips. $23.89. >> i'll put my finger on there. and i just paid for it. it was that simple. >> reporter: let's say someone steals my phone. then what? >> your phone is locked with
7:37 am
touch i.d. they can't unlock it. >> reporter: security is much higher. there's a one-time credit card number for each transaction. apple pay may impact more than how we buy groceries. >> i would love to have my driver's license on the phone, or everything in my wallet. very that the future as you see it? >> i hope it's the future. absolutely. >> reporter: i've been talking to a lot of bangs about this one. they say, the future, you can throw out your wallet. as long as customers start trying this, this is going to be big. what do you think? >> just make sure you always have it charged. >> that's what i said. you don't have it charged? you're out of luck. i said, you're going to have to put chargers next to the counters. >> thank you, rebecca. time again for the weather. and hawaii, it could have been a whole lot worse. >> absolutely. ana just slipped south and west
7:38 am
of the islands. i want to show you what was happening. ranfal rainfall. in kawai. almost 4 1/2 inches. the plob just moving away. that is still ana. a tropical storm. it will be dying out. it will become a fish hurricane. flash flood watches from honolulu to kauai. to los angeles and san diego, palm springs, 94 today. that mild air is sticking as far north as billings. going for a high in the >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. sun coming up over the horizon, but it's chill with a number of neighborhoods in the 30s. sun gives way to increasing clouds as the day goes
7:39 am
>> and all that weather brought to you by macy's. overall sh everybody sach in hawaii. coming up, an important health alert for parents. how mistakes you make with your child's medications could be making them sick. and a dramatic rescue caught on camera. heroes rushing in to save man trapped in a burning house. we'll hear from one of them for the first time this morning. thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up!
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we're back at 7:42 with a dramatic rescue caught on tape. a girl's dad trapped in their burning house. men rushing in, risking their lives to save him. this morning, we're hearing from one of the brave rescuers for the first time. brandi hitt has the detail. >> reporter: amid this fiery chaos, a daughter's desperate cry for help. >> get my dad! >> reporter: this morning, meet one of three unknown heroes that answered that call. leading to this rescue of a 73-year-old man dprupulled from inferno. michael, a23-year-old student, just passing by. >> he was yelling for help. >> reporter: a fire in the garage quickly spread, trapping robert wells in his kitchen. >> he was supposed to be right behind me. he wasn't there. >> reporter: speaking exclusively to abc news, alcala
7:44 am
detailing the tense moments. hopping a side fence, racing to the backyards, where wells was gasping for air. alcala flagged down a second man to help move wells, leaving the oxygen tank behind. >> we're passing the garage and explosions out of in where. >> reporter: a third hero then stepping up, carrying wells to safety. >> thank god! >> it was frightening. i wouldn't want to go through that again. >> reporter: the identities of the other two heroes still a mystery this morning, because all three left the scene just minutes after the rescue. everyone escaping in the nick of time, thanks, in part to three heroic strangers. >> i felt good walking away knowing this were safe. so brave. coming up, the unexpected friendship between a boy with
7:45 am
autism and siri. how siri is helping him open up like never before. and lorde's hit, "royals" benched for the world series in san francisco. how radio stations in kansas city are responding this morning. ♪ let me be your ruler ♪ ted what are you doing? i was trying to get these skittles, but i got stuck. [ crickets chirping ] maybe i should try. [ spider ] i say go for it. [ crickets chirping ] trap the rainbow! taste the rainbow!
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we learned this song will be band from the air waves in san francisco. this is one of top stories friendi i trending on facebook. t.j. holmes is in the social square. >> one of the most influential teens in the world. seven times platinum hit. it got her a couple of grammys. but san francisco is not impressed. ♪ and we'll never be royals >> reporter: and you'll never hear the song royals either. at least not in san francisco, until the world series is over. that huge hit by lorde, band by two san francisco radio stations ahead of this week's world series games between the san francisco giants and the kansas city royals. the stations tweeting -- no offense, lorde, but for the duration of the world series, we're a royals free zone. thanks for your comments, lorde, royals lrks be reflooufd the play list until the end of the
7:50 am
world series, #gogiants. kansas city firing back. adopting royals as its them song. one station announcing it will play "royals" every hour on the hour tomorrow in honor of the big game. the 17-year-old lorde said her hit song was inspired by this 1976 "national geographic" photo say thagt name royals popped out from the picture. major league baseball tweeted out this singer of the royals singer meeting the baseball legend earlier this year. and now, you're royal. ♪ let me live that fantasy >> reporter: okay, this saul in good fun. here's the thing, george, listen to this. the song is actual anti-royal. >> that's right. >> yes, we don't want to be royals. it don't run in our blood.
7:51 am
it should be on a 24-hour loop in san francisco, but she was, in fact, inspired just by the name. she says she'll write songs, see a word, pen a song around a word. not a baseball fan. not a royals fan. folks, get over it. >> every hour on the hour. wow. >> thank you, t.j. coming up, important health alert for parents. how the medicine you give your kids may be making them sick. plus workout seri secrets. eg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. so he talked to me about xarelto®. >>xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe that doesn't require regular blood monitoring or changes to your diet. for a prior dvt i took warfarin, which required routine blood testing and dietary restrictions. not this time. while i was taking xarelto®, i still had to
7:52 am
stop racing, but i didn't have to deal with that blood monitoring routine. >>don't stop taking xarelto®, rivaroxaban, unless your doctor tells you to. while taking xarelto®, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto® can cause serious bleeding, and in rare cases, may be fatal. get help right away if you develop unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto®, watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe, with no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. ask your doctor about xarelto® today. now, that's a burger.
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7:56 am
>> good morning it is 7:56 monday morning, chopper 6hd just flew over a deadly accident in bensalem, bucks county. matt pellman has details on what's going on in our traffic report. good morning, matt. good morning, tam, awful scene at state road and street road. accident involved the sedan as well as the truck. state road is shut down for several blocks shut down this morning. let's go to the maps, stay on i-95 as the alternate or route 13 bristol pike. although to the north of that accident scene up in bristol
7:57 am
township they are working on a new traffic pattern that will be in place until july. in rich richboro we have ar main break south of richboro middle school. outside ben franklin bridge westbound is slow heading into the city. we should have the 4th lane open by wednesday morning, that's good news. moorestown we have a down pole from a crash blocking 41 and avon terrace. >> summer increasingly becoming a memory, some people woke up to a freeze warning today. >> reporter: we have the advisories and warnings earlier. they were beginning to expire now. 35 degrees in allentown, 36 in reading. 34 in trenton. we are above freezing in millville, but barely. philadelphia has been holding in the low 40s as expected. the exclusive accuweather
7:58 am
seven-day forecast shows a high of 62. it will be milder than over the weekend. sun and clouds, tomorrow mostly cloudy and damp at times. >> coming up on "g.m.a." celebrity workout secrets. we'll see you in 30.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. an alarming new health alert for parent this is morning. why your child's medication could be make them sick. and julia roberts. >> i have been bullied when i was younger. it made me feel insignificant. >> the "pretty woman" speaking openly about bullying and why these kids are her heroes. and the story people can't stop clicking on. how siri is making a big difference for one boy with autism. their surprising friendship. from sofia to shakira, to k kelly ripa and sara jessica park person the best tips for
8:01 am
improving your body as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. and everybody bundled up in times square this monday morning. look who's there. stars of "the wonder years" actually inside in the social square. dan ka mckel la, fred savage, josh saviano. live at the social square. >> looking forward to renighted them here. and celebrity trainer anna kaiser. with her team. they're warming up. >> that's the warmups? >> that's the warmup, amy. she's bringing you her work out for the stars with her first ever workout while you watch event. it's live starting at 8:30 a.m. an exclusive live streaming workout on on yahoo!. you can be working out. a lot of people say they watch us when they're on the treadmill and things like that. you can get this workout, oh
8:02 am
my -- that's the warmup? >> oh, my goodness. >> and done. >> i'm exhausted already. >> i'll have what anna is having. then to the science of sleep. the new research, hello, there you go. the best time to go to bed. it's not what you think. i guarantee it. >> how to do well on tests. first, news from am y. >> good news for one group of people at risk for ebola. the 21-day quarantine is over for the first people that came in contact with thomas ere ing duncan. among them, his family, fiance, and the first health care workers to help him. the battle is not over for the two nurse who is did get ebola. nina pham and amber vinson are
8:03 am
both being treated. the pentagon is putting a 30-person medical team on stand by to help the cdc if needed. a suspected serial killer is in custody linked to the deaths of at least seven women in northwest indiana. a missing person's report took them to this motel 6 where they found the first body. evidence there led them to a suspect who they say confessed and led them to the bodies of six more women in abandoned houses. new forensic testing could finally give the family of missing hannah graham some answers. the testing is done on remains found over the weekend. graham was last seen five weeks ago walking with suspect jesse matthew. he's charged in connection with her disappearance. a bizarre rescue in california. a woman became trapped in a chimney. police say she was trying to break into the home of a man she
8:04 am
met online. fire crews tried freeing her by mismantling the entire chimney. that didn't work. they ended up pouring dish soap down the flue and that did the trick. they hoisted her out, covered in soot. royal baby news. official word from the duke and duchess of cambridge that they are expecting their second child next april. kate fell ill with a severe form of morning sickness six weeks ago. she's improving. she'll join her husband at an official event tomorrow for the first time in more than two months. philadelphia she's feeling better. finally, a remake of a classic scene from "lord of the rings." in "fellowship of the rings" gandolf is on the bridge. gandolf himself visited a british school last week. look what he told the kids.
8:05 am
>> in your preparation for your examinations, if you don't do your revision properly, do you ne what will happen? you shall not pass! >> just a guess, here. those kids have been studying hard all weekend. we hope they all pass! >> so great. >> that was good. a nice one. we turn to health news now. a scary new study released overnight. medication errors sicken one kid every eight minutes. we're heading into cold and flu season. people make mistakes. >> this is one of the worst situations when your child is sick. you want to help. you go cruising the ails of the drugstore, playing doctor and pharmacist. it comes down to ingredients and dosing. there are ingredients that can be dangerous to kids, toddlers,
8:06 am
infants. the dosing is confusing. how many of us remember this? we don't recommend using teaspoons, table soons anymore. a dropper or the cups are recommended. sometimes they're hard to read. this is fraught with problems. children have died because of the medication errors. >> so startling. it's not surprising that cough and cold medications are on the top of the list. >> we've been hearing this for awhile. a huge call to action from pediatricians. these medications are not necessary. they can be dangerous. coughs and colds are self-limited. coughs happen for a reason. it's to clear those secretions. the last thing you want to do is blunt the reflexes. >> my little one came into the room at 1:00 in the morning. i said, just get in bed with me. it's the little guys we have to worry about?
8:07 am
>> yes. all the medications should be dosed based on their body weights harder to do. write down the doses. when in doubt, ask the pediatrician or pharmacist. >> thank you, jen. you'll be answering questions throughout the morning at dr. j. ashton. "pop news" and weather coming up. coming up on our "gma morning menu." first, katy perry. well she takes the cake in so many ways. how her birthday wish may come true. zplmpbl and the workout secrets of the stars. celebrity trainer er anna kaises here. and a wonderful morning because of "the wonder years" we wr reunion. the stars of the show. >> hey, how are you. >> a big old fun reunion coming up.
8:08 am
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ready ♪ ♪ we're coming straight from the vmas i'm heading to stage ♪ >> we love you mr. worldwide. he's ruring to host the 2014 amas, the american music awards. he'll be here live the next morning with us here in times square for our afterparty. >> he brings it every time. >> doesn't matter that he'll have been up all night long. mr. worldwide do not play. >> are you going to play in "pop news "? >> a little bit. the supreme court is back in session. you might not have known that. and hbos' john oliver has come up with a way we can feel like we're right there. last week tonight. it was on last night. he's replaced the boring sketches, they use these
8:13 am
currently over audio recordings of the justices. now you can watchdogs playing the roles of the justices. you can hear chief justice roberts and justice scalia speaking over the shots of real animals with fake paws. this is a stenographer pecking away. and lawyers who are not ducking the tough question, making, in oliver's words, those dry constitutional arguments must-see tv. >> pretty funny. >> he's encouraging the networks to use this. please feel free to use this video. >> gracious of him. >> i thought on your show you would be taking him up on that offer. thank you so much, john oliver. it was the icing on the cake for katy perry, who celebrates her 30th birthday on saturday when she found out betty crocker discontinued its rainbow chip icing. who here loves it?
8:14 am
funfetti cake. you needed to tweet your 58 million followers. what am i supposed to do on my funfetti cake? how can i turn 30 now? i understand. betty crocker caught word. they're exploring ways to bring the frosting back. so that cankaty can have it on 31st birthday. >> she got 58 million people to tweet. a shoutout the all expectant moms watching this morning. no pressure. if you're waiting for your little one to arrive, today is a great day to make it happen. in celebration of national save for retirement week, our sponsor, voya financial is giving $500 to every baby born today. break out the spicy food, people. make it happen. >> a good deal.
8:15 am
>> great deal. nice start. our ginger can handle anything when she's doing the weather. even she might have had a hard time with this guy. rip sl a rescue dog and he's up for adoption. however, not doing his best sales dog in terms of displaying obedience as this poor weatherman tries so hard to find him a good home. his name is mike sobel. he's trying to get ripple under control. >> look at the tail. >> ripple just chewed through the leash. >> he just wants to go on a walk. >> anybody want to adopt ripple? he's charming. >> keep your shoes away. >> spirited. >> oh, ripple, we love you so much. meteorologist mike sobel, cool under intense pressure. >> that was great. ginger, we know you could handled that, too. >> take that on. there's all sorts of challenges. i had an owl at one point to
8:16 am
hang on to. good morning to you. from where? >> cedar rapids, iowa. >> you're used to this. >> balmy. >> from wisconsin. totally used to this. let's check the forecast. it wasn't in wisconsin, speaking of, the frost there over the weekend. now moderating temperatures. check that out. you can see the numbers. 66, some warmth back to boston. i love how you said that. >> wisconsin. >> nina. can is the >> reporter: thanks, ginger, lots of sun up over the horizon, but we are off to a chilly start with many suburbs in the 30s. philadelphia sitting on 41 right now. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high today of 62, a mix of sun early with increasing clouds as the day goes on. and then mostly cloudy tomorrow, 67. mainly dry although at times there could be a spotty sprinkle or shower. periods of rain and drizzle on
8:17 am
wednesday. cloudy and damp on thursday. >> and i got aubrey here from texas. you want to say hi to who? >> grandma and grandpa. >> okay, thank you. one of the top stories op "the new york times" website breaking down the science of sleep when it comes to taking tests. should you turn out the lights at different times. if you have a language test go the sleep at your regular bedtime. wake up early to study. the first half of the night is when the brain consolidates things like new words. but if you're preparing for say, a music recital of athletic competition, go to bed later. the second half of the night consolidates motor memory. >> what if i can't remember what to do? >> that was a little confusing. saying -- >> it's interesting.
8:18 am
>> aren't you glad we don't have to take tests anymore? >> do you still have those dreams when you haven't studied and have to take the test? >> and imagine a world when you can decide whether to go to bed later? >> oh, gee, tell me another bed time story. a big night in the ballroom tonight. leah remini is coming back to "dancing with the stars." she's co-hosting with tom bergeron, filling in with erin andrews tonight. she had a successful season last tall. she's getting pumped. she posted a picture of her dressing room sign tweeting, it's getting real. so excited for tomorrow's show. she'll be great. >> is this a one-time thing or? because erin is doing the world series? >> she's pinch hitting for her. >> you know leah will say it. >> you can watch "dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00, 7:00
8:19 am
central. next in our "heat index" the new selfie craze. let's go to tony reali in the social square. >> everything that was trending this weekend, i think you'll like this most. if only for the name. doughnut selfie. the most delicious of all time. huge numbers since karen posted this last week. it has nothing to do with doughnuts. you can eat one in the selfie, i guess. our waistlines thank you for that. karen says she and her friend were trying to make optical illusions with the camera. it took off from there. now, here's how it works. all you need is your camera phone. and your arm. and that beautiful face of yours in various stages of selfie. you turn it around like this, i'm very camera shy. you make a doughnut shape around you head. you edit them together, you get
8:20 am
artistic creations. or what i put together. take a look. mm-hmm. okay, so that's one side of my ear. and now, we're in the studio, and once more in times square. so you can get pretty artistic with it all. what do you think of the drkson selfie craze? >> i think you look like you were in pain. >> he and michael both rocking that close -- >> you have to starter near your ear. you have to show mom that your ears are clean. i think that's it. >> well done. >> looking good, tony. we move to today's "morning stir." a fascinating story about a young boy with autism and his new best friend, siri. the voice is helping him connect with people. a story we first saw in "the new york times."
8:21 am
mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: like so many children with autism, 13-year-old gus has problems communicating with others. except one unusual friend. >> ready to send it? >> no. >> all right. i won't send it yet. >> reporter: that's right. siri. the teen can have conversations with her. he hasn't stopped talking to her since. what do you like? >> i find a lot of odd stuff. >> reporter: is she funny? >> yeah. >> reporter: gus' mom says siri has become her son's most valued companion, drawing him out of his shell for up to 30 minutes each day. >> somebody would talk to him about the weather. someone would talk to him -- >> reporter: she wrote about her son's relationship.
8:22 am
>> we'll never be mean to him. she'll never make fun of him. she will give him a lot of information that he wants. >> reporter: experts say children with autism a drawn to technology. >> individuals are autism find this much more interesting to communicate with robots or with technology because, they can be very honest. they can be very frank. >> turn off itunes radio. >> okay, pause. >> reporter: but newman says siri gives her son more than just answers. she's helped him speak more clearly and practice conversation and etiquette, all things that have helped him relate better to people. >> i do love that there is this companion for him when he doesn't always seek out people. >> reporter: a virtual friend with very real benefits.
8:23 am
now gus' mom hasn't bought him his own iphone just yet. for now, he's borrowing hers an awful lot. >> the story fascinating in so many ways. siri has unlimited patience. even when kids get brusque. >> reporter: if children with autism, one of their challenges is understanding social nuances. when you're dealing with technology, you don't have to do that. >> the mom learned for the first time that her son understands marriage. >> because he proposed to siri. she says they have a very cute back and forth. and, it's good for him. >> it is. and siri let him down easy. let's go back to the table. did you know that shivering
8:24 am
burning calories? we're cowening down to our celebrity workout series. with trainer anna kaiser. we're doing a workout. here's linzie janis with some of anna's secrets. >> reporter: let's be honest. they're the hot bodies we wish we had. shakira's abs that don't lie. sofia vergara's extraordin extraordinaire. and kelly ripa's everything. celebrity trainer anna kaiser is the secret behind those bodies. when it comes to celebrity clients, what are the big challenges there? >> finding enough time to fit in workouts during the week. you make time for your job. but not everyone realizes you have to make time for yourself. it's not just going to magically happen. >> reporter: the guru's number
8:25 am
one must do weight loss tip. >> you should be getting your heart pumping out of your chest five days a week. it's really important to keep yourself healthy and to kick off that weight loss. >> reporter: so, what's the secret to getting sarah's famous arms? >> you can use a medicine ball, soup can, water bottles. bring them out, and in, up, and down. pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, good. >> reporter: and the cardio move behind kelly ripa's ripped abs. >> kick, kick, together up down. kick, kick, yes, girl, nice! good. awesome. >> reporter: how about the bum-blasting exercise that sofia vergara uses to defy gravity? >> up toward the ceiling. pulse it up.
8:26 am
pulse, and pulse. >> reporter: these a-listers work hard for those toned bodies. i'm exhausted. [ cheers and applause ] one fabulous workout. a move that shakira likes. >> a good kick. kick it out. >> kick it. >> the leg up there, good. >> is that a good? >> coming up, we want to challenge america to a second screen workout. get on the floor and exer kiz with than and me at 8:30. our first ever live-stream workout. a free personal training session only on on yahoo!. if you have any health concerns, check with your health care professional. do it right now.
8:27 am
>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 8:27 odds monday, october 20. a deadly crash has closed a road in bensalem, bucks county. we have more with matt pellman good morning. >> reporter: it's a nasty one, it's blocking state road and street road. you see the tractor-trailer involved as well as the sedan. state is shut down between dunks ferry road to the north. stay on i-95 which through that part of the bucks county looks okay or use route 13 although farther north they are setting up a traffic pattern there until 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. you'll see a crash eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike in chester county by the downingtown interchange taking
8:28 am
out the left lane. speeds around there are lesson i-95 southbound side, the whole way from approaching cottman into girard it's a long very slow moving line of traffic. in burlington county watch out for a wreck at the red lion circle at 206. >> let's go over to sky6 live hd a live look the waves off the coast of atlantic city. let's go over to david murphy not the kind of weather that makes you want to put your toes in the water. >> reporter: pretty, picture, though. 34 in allentown, 34 in trenton. just a above the freezing mark in philadelphia. 62 is the high, milder than yesterday, with sun and clouds. tomorrow mostly cloudy mainly dry, 67 european periods of rain and drizzle possible on wednesday, tam? >> coming up in a last half-hour of "g.m.a." and we'll see you back here for the latest in weather, traffic and breaking
8:29 am
news. new york has been an
8:30 am
important landscape and location for the story of my life in the last couple of years. this is a song i did called "welcome to new york" ♪ it's a new sound track i can dance to this beat ♪ ♪ forever more the lights are so bright but they never blind me, me ♪ ♪ welcome to new york, new york ♪ yeah, and taylor will be here live next monday, october 27th. the day of the release of her brand-new album, 1989. thi she'll be back later in the week, objectober 30th, for a kor
8:31 am
preside concert. >> you can be here, too. send us a 30-second video of you singing along to her hit song. go to our website for all the rule and how the win your chance. >> and by the way, anna and lin now. >> the first ever "gma" work out while you watch event is start p ing. it's the same workout the celebrities do. keep the tv on and turn on the tablet or computer for a free training session live-streamed with anna kaiser. linzie and anna, get started. >> there they go. >> we'll be right here. >> right here. >> we'll be there so soon. while they're working out, we'll be eating. back inside, stanley tucci is
8:32 am
live. he'll be cooking up delicious pasta from his new cookbook. >> we're an anchor for all season. the scarfs. the jacket, the coat. the sweater. you're the manly man, like, i don't need it. it feels so good out here. fall. fall is coming. the emmy-winning coming of age show "the wonder years" stands the test of time more than two decades after going off the year. for the first time, the stars of the show are joining us live to take us behind the scenes of the iconic show. but first, some of our favorite moments. ♪ lend me your ears and i'll >> reporter: it was the tv time capsule that captured the spirit of the baby boomer generation. >> in the battle of growing up, junior high school was basic training. >> reporter: the 1988 debut vold
8:33 am
kevin arnold, played by breakout star fred savage, as he navig e navigated the '60s. >> the funny thing is it's hard to remember the names of the kids you spent so much time trying to impress. >> reporter: at the show's heart, a girl next door love story with winnie cooper. >> it was time to tell her what i thought of her. >> i like you, winniwinnie. >> reporter: and a friendship with paul. >> fish. i must have eaten fish. >> reporter: this scene not just kevin and winnie's first kiss, but also fred and danica's. the show so ahead of its time, it won an emmy award for outstanding comedy series after just six episodes. >> maybe we both realized that growing up doesn't have to be a straight line, as much as a series of advances and retreats.
8:34 am
>> reporter: also winning the hearts of fans. and now, on dvd, appealing to a whole new generation. >> after all these years, i still look back with wonder. >> it still gets us. it still gets us after all these years. we're joined by danica mckellar, fred savage, and josh saviano. great, give it up for the three of them here with us. [ cheers and applause ] it just so happens, out on dvd right now. >> just so happens. >> just to have you back. appreciate it. give us a sense of what is going on right now. you got engaged? >> yes, i did. >> everything going well? >> amazing. an amazing year. "dancing with the stars" and then getting engaged. >> josh, you're not only a
8:35 am
daughter, you play o doctor, but you play one on tv. a lawyer, a lawyer. >> a lawyer. i played one on tv. i'm back into the entertainment world by helping people who are on the talent side become brands. so after going through a corporate transaction. this is really exciting. >> you turn celebrities into brands. >> that's the hook. >> right. >> i'm going to be a -- >> a circle are. r. >> you are a fine brand, fred. directing. m "modern family." she's a guru. he's an attorney. i staid in show business. i'm directing television. it's what i have always wanted to do. since i was on "the wonder years" i was so interested in the camera, what it was doing, taking it apart. people didn't like that so much.
8:36 am
>> not while we were filming. >> i'm doing what i always wanted to do. >> you're directing "modern family." and you all were more of the traditional family. have you seen how it's changed over the years? >> think the way families have been portrayed has evolved as we have. ours was a nuclear, traditional family. families have changed. they look different. they come together in different ways. i love that tv has reflected that. there's still things all families go through. i think you can find stuff to relate to in the show. >> amen. >> some things stay the same. >> and your real-life family didn't want you to be the main character in "wonder years" right? >> i wasn't allowed to audition for series regular parts. my mom wanted to keep us kids normal, me and my sister. i auditioned for the part of winnie because it was a guest
8:37 am
role. then the producer said, we think we would like you to come on full time. that was the only way it could happen. >> we fell in love with her like everybody else did. >> and america did. after six episodes, winning an emmy. if memory serves me correctly, josh, weren't you in the way back and had to run? >> i think my seat was in the second to the last row of the auditorium. i think i was the first one on stage. i was very fast. i don't remember seeing my mom. i just hit the aisle and i sprinted up. i was out of breath. >> and we weren't there. >> it was me and the grownups. >> we want to have a quick little -- very quick here. why did the writers have winnie and kevin break up on the show between the third and fourth seasons? because dan ka couldn't stand fred, they looked too much like brother and sister. i always that that. and dan ka was all t-- danica w
8:38 am
than fred. or the on-screen chemistry was too strong with josh? >> i think they're all right. >> if you're sitting here, you can feel the tension. i'm in the middle of it. >> the answer is c. danica was taller than fred. did you know that was the reason why? >> i did know she was taller than me. >> they had him on boxes. one time we had a scene walking down the street. they had me walking in the gutter, you were on the sidewalk, just so we would be the same height. i'm sorry. >> i've made girls walk in the gutter ever since. i thought that was how it was done. >> this is gold. this is gold. hey, josh, fred, danica, thank you so much. and for the wonderful memory. season one dvd is in stores right now. thank you, guys. >> thank you, robin.
8:39 am
>> don't you love the retro chairs? one thing. winnie and kevin forever. i'm standing, though, on a giant monopoly board in times square. it's here to help launch a new multistate lottery game called monopoly millionaire's club. we're going to play in a minute. first, let's give away lottery ti tickets to my new friends here. it's like school but way better. this game will generate more million-dollar winners than any game in history. tickets are five bucks. can be purchased anywhere powerball and megamillions are sold. you can almost sit in the boot piece. i didn't get to talk about this. there's a disturbance in the gulf. it's a 30% chance to turn into something. it will mean a lot of rain for
8:40 am
the weekend for florida. a quick look at the pacific northwest. we'll play in jus >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. lots of sun, but we're starting out chilly across the region with temperatures in the 30s in some neighborhoods. 62 is the high, sun and clouds, tomorrow mostly cloudy, 67. >> and nancy joins me. this weather report was brought to you by walgreens. let's roll the dice. one, two, three. we got a six. we move six. can you help scoot that over? you know, this is going to become a tv show eventually here. wait, oh, other way. if you land on -- any way this is what the game's going to look like. you can play just like we said.
8:41 am
for now, back to robin. thank you, nancy. >> thank you, ginger. monopoly, "wonder years" i'm reliving my youth. >> and now this. coming up, amy's one on one with julia roberts and her
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back. it's national bullying prevention month. superstar julia roberts and her husband, danny moder, were honored over the weekend for the work they do fighting against bullying. >> oh! >> reporter: 25 years ago, she filmed "pretty woman" in this very hotel. >> julia roberts. >> reporter: yes, that's julia roberts back at the regent beverly wilshire. >> what is the point if not to be kind and unconditional in our love and generosity towards one another? >> reporter: we had a chance to sit down with julia before hand
8:45 am
with five young glsen ambassador. emery, mark, ben, peter, and ya arianna. why is this so important to you for you and your family? >> these are the heroes that are leading the way so my children can go to school unencumbered. the future is riding on people like this. >> reporter: i would like you all to thing about how bullying has made you feel? if you can sum it up in one word? >> i'm going to start and say, bullying, when i have been bullied, when i was younger, it made me feel insignificant. >> reporter: that's good. >> silenced. >> dehumanized. >> alone. >> devalued. >> i would say ignored. >> reporter: if you could change one thing in your school, what would bit? >> the majority of bullying is from ignorance. it's not people trying to be
8:46 am
discriminatory. they just don't know. >> reporter: i know you're a mom of three. i'm a mom of two. our kids are growing up in such a different world. bullying takes on so many different forms. what are your concerns? ments the thing that's the most disturbing to me is the anonymous aspect of it that gives this sort of counsel to people to be hateful as a sport. it's become like a game. and, it's not a game. it's not funny. there's nothing brave or courageous about anonymously writing unkind things. that's what gives power to so much of this hatred. i mean, i wish we could go back to when i was in middle school and high school and all you wanted to change was the pizza. >> reporter: what do you teach your children in terms of tolerance? >> we have different versions of this conversation. i do always say to them, remember who you are. be impeccable in every way that you represent our entire family
8:47 am
in the day. because, even to be passive, to be a bystander is to be absolutely as wrong as the person who is standing in the front of the line of cruelty. everyone if this is not your friend. even if this is not your cause. we're still all human kind. just everybody is trying to get through the day the best they can. >> reporter: it's a message these five kids can relate to, and this, a conversation they won't soon forget. how amazing sit that miss julia roberts is here throwing out the welcome mat? >> don't get us started. >> reporter: everyone at school, look who you're sitting with right now. >> this is the lunch table. the cool kids lunch table right here. >> reporter: and a chance to take some of the most epic selfies. ever. how great was she with those kids. it made their night and ours as well. coming up, actor and foodie,
8:48 am
stanley tucci here this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
8:49 am
in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
8:50 am
a great job, author and actor, stanley tucci is with us again. the brand-new cook book, "the tucci fable" we're going to make one of the recipes right now from your son. >> with pancetta and proscuitto. some garlic. and shallot. >> as i like to say. >> i don't want to get your pretty dress spattered. >> you move on to the proscuitto. >> you have it in here.
8:51 am
you render it down. it gets rid of some of this. it's a little too oily. this is the pancetta actually. put the proscuitto in. this is an incredibly not healthy dish. >> and your son, nico, is how hold? >> soon to be 15. he love this is dish. the first dish he learned to cook. >> i love talking to you about food. we know you so well from your movies, including "the hunger games." food is so important. you call it the anvil of which all of our relationships are forged on. >> >> yes. >> i thought that was beautiful. >> you mix these two together. if you want to -- you can throw that in there for now. >> how long would i do that normally? >> until they soften. then you take the pasta. throw it in like this.
8:52 am
after it's cooked. >> do you want me to do that? >> no. you do that. this will help. you throw this peas. chicken stock. a little bit of the water from cooking. otherwise it gets dry. right. and then you throw peas in. you have basically something that looks like this. >> it's got the pancett and and proscuitto. it's not terribly bad. >> no, i was joking. parmigiano, parsley. and at the end, egg yolks in you want. enseems to be enjoying. i didn't know you were here. >> because we've been eating the whole time. >> you must check out the recipe for this. this is gorgeous. >> my father-in-law's recipe for
8:53 am
a standing rib roast. >> delicious. >> and carrot cake. >> your wife is from the uk. >> and you're italian. when do we see the next hunger games? >> in about a month. from this book, 5% of the profits go the food bank for new york. >> great. >> we thank you. as always, stanley tucci, everybody. and "the tucci table" hits bookstores on october 28th. we'll return and perhaps snack. are you busy? i'm just day-dreaming. about your dream trip to italy? yeah. with your sisters, to shop and see the sights. is it that obvious? you've been staring at that new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. yeah, it's the new frankenbucks. with 10 top prizes of $50,000. is that painting crooked, or is it just me? [announcer] want to see your dreams come to life?
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you could scratch your way to instant winning. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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that workout is going on. minutes from the finish. we'll have another one tomorrow. stanley tucc ix, thank you, that was great. have a great day, everyone. >> good morning i'm tamala edwards. 8:56 monday, october 20. let's head over to matt pellman he's got a new item to tell us about, good morning. >> reporter: sure do, first rush
8:57 am
hour of the workweek almost in the books, but not without giving us a crash in montgomeryville at knapp road. we have a crash county line road eastbound direction at crork -- york road. the water main break is rich rio is closing bustleton pike. we have a crash at state road and street road state is closed between street and dunk's ferry road. use bristol pike or i-95 as alternates. i-95 southbound we talked about huge delays we had a crash, but it's cleared, it's a slow go from cottman to girard. in moorestown we have a downed pole blocking a portion of kings highway. >> let's get a look at
8:58 am
accuweather, is it still cold out there? >> reporter: take a look at the temperatures, 45 degrees in philadelphia. even places like reading and trenton and millville are out of the 30s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 62 a little below average, but better than yesterday and fairly comfortable. we'll see clouds increasing as the day goes on. mostly cloudy, 67 tomorrow, mainly dry and perioded of rain and drizzle wednesday. >> coming up on "action news" at noon we'll have the latest on a fire that left a south jersey apartment buildings in ruins. one suspect is in custody and the hunt is on for the other as a man goes for a test ride that
9:00 am
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